Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

It’s not a great idea to leave your lovely dress in the attic as this may cause mildew if the temperature changes too often. Professional wedding dress cleaning companies will always tell you that a PH neutral box with acid free tissue is the best way to preserve your special dress.

Cleaning and boxing

Most cardboard contains acid and acid will in fact cause your wedding dress to discolour over the years, so it is also beneficial to wrap your gown after cleaning in acid free tissue for longer term storage.

Storage and preservation

It is also advisable to turn your dress every couple of years to avoid any permanent creases from setting into the fabric.

Drink stains that are clear when they go onto your gown can dry clear but if they are sugary and not removed from the fabric, they may also turn brown over time.

If you have not cleaned your dress for a long time after your wedding you may not achieve great results but this really does depend on the fabric. Silk fabrics hold onto dye stuffs and stains including red wine, sugary stains and even grass and mud are extremely difficult to remove. Satin polyester wedding dresses do tend to look the best after cleaning as polyester fabric lets go of stains easily. An expert wedding dress cleaning company would be able to advise you of your best way to clean a wedding dress.

What Is Gown Preservation?

The special cleaning and packaging techniques called gown preservation ensure your gown is restored to it’s original as new state. A professional cleaners will properly inspect your gown: the materials used, ornamentation, and various stains, then with the specialist knowledge be able to advise on the very best cleaning methods. After cleaning, your gown is wrapped in acid free tissue and placed in an acid free box. Wedding dress cleaners recommend having your dress cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding because if you wait too long, some stains can set permanently.

Packaging away for years to come

To protect your gown, cleaning professionals recommend it be placed in an acid-free and P H-neutral box, the correct size box should always be chosen allow the gown to breathe and adjust with changing temperatures, too small box may crush the fabrics too much also too large a box the dress may fall into one corner and be squashed, a professional cleaners will be able to advise you on this when you discuss your dress with them.